Monsoonworship.com was developed for followers of Jesus who are looking for new expressions of worship to bring to their communities. Our new album, "Little Trinity Worship Sessions" hopes to be a window into what is possible within a smaller, scaled back setting where acoustics, instruments available and number of people play a role.

These songs focus on who Jesus is and seek to amplify scripture. They encourage incarnational faith and are written to simply reflect the teachings of Christ. They also hope to draw attention to the gathered congregation as a crucial member of any worship experience.

The recording of these songs and the creation of this website was made possible through a generous donation and in that same spirit of giving, all of the songs, mp3s and chord charts are available for free for you to download and use. We will continue to add songs and will pass along other likeminded artists to you, so check back in on us from time to time.

Thanks again for dropping by. Enjoy!