About Us

About a year ago, a good friend from my church came to me and asked if I had ever thought of putting together a meditative worship album that would mix original material with some of our community's classic hymns. I had released two albums of upbeat worship music when I was with The Penny Merchants, however it hadn't occurred to me to do a more reflective collection of songs. When he mentioned that he'd love to make it happen, the planning began to record a live album that would be honest in its approach to reflect a typical Sunday night at our church.

Little Trinity Anglican Church is a small worshipping community that meets in an old, beautiful church in downtown Toronto, Canada. I have been the evening music leader for over 10 years and in that time there have been challenges in finding music that is appropriate in both scale and theology.

As people whose lives are committed to following Jesus, I believe it is increasingly important to be directly singing the spoken words of Christ. Although some of them are difficult to sing, they are clear representations of his teaching and desire for how we live and worship. The songs on Little Trinity Worship Sessions are only a beginning of what is possible and the church desperately needs to be creatively exploring ways of allowing the words of Christ to come alive in our worship gatherings.

In a world filled with diversity it is also crucial that our music absorb the cultural influences that surround us. It is equally important that our music doesn't settle for formulaic regurgitations but that it is adventurous in its artistic expression. Much is possible in worship music and we need a new generation of artists that paint in fresh, inspired colors so that our picture of God spills off of the canvas of framed expectations. When we leave our faith gatherings we should leave with a bigger view of who God is and how he expresses his love to us.